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****Effective 3/18/20****

To All of our Sentry Customers,

Sentry Pest Control is taking the following steps to mitigate our employee’s exposing or being exposed to Covid-19. The following is what we are instructing them to do:

1. Each employee must take their temperature before leaving for work and call in their

temperature reading each day to the Sentry office. Technicians are instructed

immediately to alert the Sentry office if they are not feeling well. 

2. Make sure they are washing their hands and changing gloves from one area to the

next ( i.e. Moving from Kitchen to Laundry area).

3. Service only common areas unless a room has an issue and technician has specific 

permission to enter.

4. Avoid areas that a nursing homes wants us to avoid. (i.e. only service kitchen and 


We will always be available for any of your pest control emergencies.


David Shabat

Sentry Pest Control


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